What do you get when you put a bunch of different people in one city and shake them up?  Drama.  Lots and lots of drama.  In fact, this entire work of art has its own history of drama.  There was drama writing it, drama producing it and drama as to why it didn't fare better after its local premiere.  After all of the blood, sweat and lack of sleep I poured into this puppy, I wasn't about to let it die.  So, I changed it.  I made everything 1000% better - the way I wanted it to be.  This was my first foray into writing with an ensemble cast: lots of twists, turns and unexpected situations.  Following each storyline is daunting for any writer, at first.  But establishing their personalities, eccentricities and ambitions creates such a vibrant dynamic that you can't help but connect with each of them in some uncanny way.  So I feel obligated to give them justice.  No matter how creepy and sordid their lives may get.

When a rising culinary star launches the publicity tour for her cookbook, an impetuous new publicist forces her into a devastating image adjustment as a provocative lesbian chef - to rave reviews.  Only she's not gay.

Love & Kate

I've been working on this one for so many years, I can't imagine what it'd be like to not think about what Tabitha, Sam and Kate are up to on a daily basis.  They're that real to me.  This is my first original television comedy and it's gotten some pretty good reviews - not just from friends, either.