The first script I attempted was a feature-length film.  It ended disastrously - the attempt, not the story.  Several years later, a woman broke my heart into a million pieces and I had to figure out a way to exact my revenge - legally.  So I wrote Scorned, originally penned, Hell Hath No Fury.  Fitting. 

An annulment from a perfectly pre-arranged marriage leaves a career-obsessed TV show host pregnant, demoted and determined to make her conniving ex suffer a worse fate.

Quid Pro Quo

Sitting on my sister's sofa amid toys, food, clothes, a toddler, a husband - I could only cringe.  And laugh.  I thought, this is one person's heaven, but could be another's hell.  Take myself, for instance.  I was single at the time, no children, but thought that when the time was right, it would all fall into place.  But...what if a similar situation happened to someone who would absolutely abhor it?  Meet Lane Caruthers...