Quid Pro Quo - excerpt

I had the distinct pleasure of being asked for a sample of my work to be filmed for a fellow artist's reel. Here is a scene from one of my works in progress, Quid Pro Quo.

- An annulment from a perfectly pre-arranged marriage leaves a career-obsessed TV show host pregnant, demoted and determined to make her conniving ex suffer a similar fate - 

Scene produced by David Fritsch, in conjunction with Twiin Media.

HER - novel written by Felicia Johnson

HER - script adaptation written by Tonina Kelly

Trailer: The Pain

Trailer: The Hope

A new novel, HER, written by Felicia Johnson - on sale now.   
So, why is it here on my site if I didn't write it?

  1. Felicia is a good friend of mine. 
  2. Felicia is an extremely talented writer. 
  3. Felicia asked me to read the book. 
  4. I read the book. 
  5. I loved the book. 
  6. You will love the book. 
  7. I wrote the trailers.  Script adaptation in progress...
  8. Now, go buy it.  You'll be glad you did.  The link to Amazon is below...
By Felicia Johnson